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Sofia Vergara and David Beckham???

New Pepsi commercial featuring Sofia Vergara and David Beckham is out.

Sofia Vergara and David Beckham involved??

Yes, but do not get excited as it is purely professional.

The two hotties are seen in Pepsi’s latest commercial of its new Diet Pepsi.

In the commercial, the gorgeous Colombian is at a beach with a great desire to

Sofia Vergara in Diet Pepsi ad

drink a Diet Pepsi, but she sees the huge line at the beverage kiosk so she posts on her Twitter that David Beckham is at the dock on the beach.

Her little lie causes a huge outbreak leaving the beach alone as everyone goes screaming in the search for the soccer player. Sofia is able to buy her Pepsi without any problems and any waiting.

The commercial ends with David appearing next to Sofia asking her what the huge scandal was about.

Click on the link below to take a look at the commercial.


Hola or Hello?

The use of Spanish vs. English language in advertising to Hispanics is discussed.

Felipe Korzenny, Founder and Director of the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at Florida State University and author of a new book: Hispanic Marketing: Connecting with the New Latino Consumer, discussed the use of Spanish versus English to reach Hispanics, on Newlink Conversations; Dialogue, Debate and Discovery featuring experts on the Hispanic market with opinions that matter.

Korzenny said that if the targeted audience is Spanish dominant, then using Spanish exclusively is very appropriate.

He also mentioned that it is sometimes appropriate to use Spanish even when targeting to English-speaking audience when the  message is emotional and not too complicated, but allows the consumer to identify with the message because of

Ad for Taco Bell

the spanish language. There are some words in Spanish that will not have the same impact and emotion if said in English.

Korzenny said that generally speaking, the Spanish language is a necessity; besides caring culture in itself, it provides practicality for those being Spanish dominant, and today that group consists of about 30 percent.
Another big issue Korzenny discussed was when it is appropriate to mix Spanish and English.  He said it depends on how you mix it. It is not a major issue when you put some words correctly used in English. It is a big issue though, when Spanish is used, but not correctly; this is heavily criticized, specially by high-educated people.
Mixing correctly with good taste and good grammar can be OK and there is the advantage that some words are so emotional in Spanish that if said in English is not the same.
Click here to watch the video of Korzenny

“Why Latinos look so good”

A new study by Univision reveals that Latinos celebrate “vanidad” over “machismo.”

As I read through several blog spots on I came across one that really interested me.

It then led me to a report on the findings of Univision’s study.

Panelists, from left to right, Daniel Villarroel, Giselle Blondet, Cristian de la Fuente, Samy, and moderator Ruth Gaviria

The findings of the study were revealed as part of a panel discussion in New York, with Univision’s Giselle Blondet (“Nuestra Belleza Latina”); renowned actor Cristián de la Fuente (“Private Practice”); Ruth Gaviria, Univision’s SVP of Corporate Marketing; David Salazar, Multicultural Manager for Target Guest Insights, Target; Samy, Celebrity Stylist; and Daniel Villarroel, AVP for Experiential & Diversity Marketing, Maybelline NY/Garnier

(L-R) Christian de la Fuente, Ruth Gaviria, Giselle Blondet, and Samy

The study found three key grooming essentials for Latinos – they celebrate “vanidad” over “machismo;” personal care rituals go beyond the basics; and they say “speak my language, speak my culture.”

According to the study, Hispanic men believe that grooming does not only give them self confidence and attractiveness but they also believe that looking good is a way to get ahead in life and at work.

“The findings of Univision’s study prove that as marketers we have to shed the misperception of Hispanic men as ‘machos’ and start to look at them as ‘vanidosos’ who take extra care of their appearance,” said Ruth Gaviria, SVP of Corporate Marketing, Univision Communications. “Latinos derive a significant amount of self-esteem from smelling, looking and feeling their best and now routinely engage in more refined personal care, such as nail care, lotions and neat trimming, with more frequency than non-Hispanics. This makes Latinos part of an extremely strong and vibrant growth opportunity for male personal care brands.”

I had never thought about Hispanic males this way, except for the public figures. But after reading the results of this study, I do agree with it and I believe that now more than even males are concerned with their physical appearance.

To read a whole summary on the findings of the study go to

Here is an interesting video about an interview on “Despierta America” in which they talk about metrosexuality. Check it out to see what you think about it.






“Chicharito”: A gentleman on and off the field

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez is now recognized as a total gentleman, according to an anecdote by a sales dependent posted on the Manchester United website.

Many of you may have heard of the popular “Chicharito”, the 21-year-old soccer player who played for Mexico and scored them two goals during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  Many women simply remember him as the young, good looking, soccer player.

Since the world cup, his name started being recognized world wide and now more so that he plays for Manchester United.

Soccer player Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez.

It is very common for celebrities to lose their values, humbleness and respect for others when their fame rises.  It seems like this is not the case with Chicharito.

An article on narrates an anecdote that appeared on the Manchester United website where a sales dependent tells her experience with the chivalrous Chicharito.

Chicharito approached the sales lady at the store and she immediately knew who he was because her son was a huge fan, but kept this to herself.

Speaking extremely fast, Chicharito asked the lady, “I was wondering if you could please help me miss. Do you sell…I’m sorry I can’t pronounce it in english, tagleeteelee? I’m sorry that doesn’t sound right. I can write it..oh my spelling is not so good either. It’s OK. Thank you anyways.”

The sales lady told him he knew exactly what he was talking about and she would show him where to find it.

As they walked to the pasta aisle, Chicharito kept thanking her and apologizing for bothering her and even for his pronunciation.

When he saw the tagliatelle his face illuminated and said that it was exactly what he wanted, he thanked the sales associate and tried offering her a 5 pound sterling tip for helping him out so much.

She refused to accept it and explained to him that they could not accept tips and it was not usually accustomed in their country. Chicharito felt ashamed and said he was sorry, but that it was something very common in his country.

The sales lady told him she knew who he was because her son was a Manchester United fan.

The next day the sales associate was called to customer service, and waiting was her favorite soccer player with an autographed t-shirt and picture for his son.

She said that Chicharito was a truly nice and charming young man.

The published anecdote made Chicharito gain respect and admiration from the followers of Manchester United.

So, what do you think? Is Chicharito genuinely a nice guy and a gentleman, or is he just acting like such because he knows he is in the public eye?

Let me know your thoughts!

Here is a video of an interview with Chicharito that tells alot about him.


The annual award ceremony, “PREMIO LO NUESTRO,” was held last night and transmitted through Univision.

Last night was the airing of the annual award show “Premio lo Nuestro.” I’m sure most Latinos have heard about this award ceremony, but just in case you don’t know what it is, it is an award show honoring the best of Latin music and presented by Univision network.

The show was great. What could be better than having amazing artists like Ricky Martin, Wisin y Yandel, Pitbull, Lucero, Camila, Gloria Trevi, Juanes, and Cristian Castro all together in one night?

I really enjoyed Ricky Martin’s performance of his new song, “Lo mejor de mi

Ricky Martin performing "Lo mejor de mi vida eres tu"

vida eres tu,” as well as Juanes brand new song, “Regalito.”

The host of the show were two of my favorite artists:  the charismatic and handsome Jaime Camil accompanied by the humorous Angelica Vale.

The winners of the 2011 award show were as follows:

Album del AñoDejarte amar, Camila
Artista Masculino del Año: Enrique Iglesias
Artista Femenina del Año: Shakira
Grupo u Dúo del Año: Camila
Solista o Grupo Revelación del Año: JenCarlos Canela
Canción del AñoMientes, Camila

Album del AñoMe gusta todo de ti, Banda El Recodo
Artista Norteño del Año: Los Tigres del Norte
Artista Ranchero del Año: Jenni Rivera
Artista Masculino del Año: Espinoza Paz
Artista Femenina del Año: Jenni Rivera
Grupo u Dúo del Año: Banda El Recodo
Solista o Grupo Revelación del Año: Gerardo Cruz
Canción del AñoMe gusta todo de ti, Banda El Recodo
Artista Banda del Año: Espinoza Paz
Artista Duranguense del Año: Grupo Montéz de Durango
Artista Grupero del Año: Joan Sebastian

Album del AñoAmor, Vincit Omnia, Draco
Artista del Año: Juanes
Canción del AñoYerbatero, Juanes

Album del AñoMi Niña Bonita, Chino y Nacho
Artista Masculino del Año: Prince Royce
Artista Femenina del Año: Olga Tañón
Grupo u Dúo del Año: Aventura
Solista o Grupo Revelación del Año: Prince Royce
Canción del AñoStand by me, Prince Royce
Artista del Año Tropical Merengue: Juan Luis Guerra
Artista del Año Salsa: Luis Enrique
Artista del Año Tropical Tradicional: Aventura

Album del AñoLa Revolución: Evolución, Wisin y Yandel
Artista Masculino del Año: Pitbull
Revelación del Año: Dyland y Lenny
Canción del Año: Te siento, Wisin y Yandel

Artista Premio Lo Nuestro del Año: Wisin y Yandel
Colaboración del AñoCuando me enamoro, Enrique Iglesias y Juan Luis Guerra

Egoísta, Belinda

To get a detailed summary of everything that happened at “Premio Lo Nuestro” along with pictures and videos go to:

Another interesting note that I heard last night and would like to pass along :

It was reported by Census that there was an increase of the percentage of Latinos in the state of Texas, and we now account for 38% of the total population. It is expected that Latinos will be the majority in 9 years.  There was a decrease in the Anglo and African American population.

To read the entire article go to:

“The Soup” spoofs “Triunfo del Amor”

The popular show on E! Entertainment, “The Soup”, makes parody of telenovela, “Triunfo del Amor”

“The Soup” is a weekly series on E! Entertainment where host Joel McHale focuses on recaps of various pop culture and television show moments of the week. He comments and critics every ridiculous moments of these shows with sarcasm and humor.

Being a frequent viewer of “The Soup”, I find it extremely funny. It usually makes fun of the current popular t.v. shows and reality shows, so I was very surprised when I saw a clip of the Mexican telenovela, “Triunfo del Amor”.

I think this is a perfect example that demonstrates how much influence the Hispanic market has in the United States.

I had never seen E! entertainment focus on any kind of Latin programming, but I think it has gotten to a point where programs need to throw in a little bit of Latin flavor to their shows since they know that a a big number of their viewers are Hispanic.

Triunfo del Amor is a Mexican telenovela with protagonists William Levy andJohn McHale from "The Soup" mocks "Triunfo del Amor" Maite Perrioni. It is currently showing weekly on Univision.

On The Soup McHale made fun of the overdramatic and exagerated scenes on the telenovela. He also commented on Victoria Rufo’s huge trenzas.

It has been two episodes where the program shows clips and makes fun of “Triunfo del Amor”.

I wonder if E! Entertainment will continue with this trend and “The Soup” will show more clips and feature Mexican telenovelas on the show.

For now, I leave you with the clip of the videos.

I hope you enjoy it and makes you laugh as much as it made me.

“Dia de Suerte”….NOT!

Mexican singer, Kalimba, is accused of rape.

A recent scandal in the latin entertainment world that has everyone talking is the arrest of pop star Kalimba. has been keeping track of every detail of the case and is constantly reporting.

The 28-year-old well-known Mexican artist  was first seen involved in a scandalous case on December 20, 2010 after an allegation of rape of a minor.

The 17-year-old girl accused Kalimba of rape after a concert he held on December 19, 2010 at Chetumal, Quintana Roo. The minor was working as an escort at the event and allegedly was invited to join Kalimba at his hotel. According to the girl, the pop star attacked her in his room and raped her.

Days after this allegation, it was revealed that a second minor accused Kalimba with the same charge. She also claimed that the artist

Courtesy of The singer Kalimba after his arrest in Chetumal, Quintana Roo.

sexually abused her on the same night the previous girl declared.

As expected, Kalimba denied the charges and claimed that it was all an act by the minors who were taking advantage of his popularity to get their five minutes of fame.

After a  medical examination on one of the girls confirmed that she had been a victim of rape, action was taken by the state of Quintana Roo and they issued an arrest warrant for Kalimba.

After the warrant was issued, authorities declared that the singer was disappeared and could not be located. On January 20,2011, Kalimba was found and arrested in El Paso, Texas and shortly after he was sent to Chetumal, Quintana Roo.

As of today, the singer is in jail and is waiting for the judge to start the process on the alleged rapes of the two minors. If proven guilty, Kalimba could face up to 25 years in prison.

Contrary to one of his popular songs, ‘Dia de Suerte’, Kalimba is definitely not having a lucky day.

Here is the link to an interview Kalimba had with anchor from Noticieros Televisa, Carlos Loret de Mola.