Hola or Hello?

The use of Spanish vs. English language in advertising to Hispanics is discussed.

Felipe Korzenny, Founder and Director of the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at Florida State University and author of a new book: Hispanic Marketing: Connecting with the New Latino Consumer, discussed the use of Spanish versus English to reach Hispanics, on Newlink Conversations; Dialogue, Debate and Discovery featuring experts on the Hispanic market with opinions that matter.

Korzenny said that if the targeted audience is Spanish dominant, then using Spanish exclusively is very appropriate.

He also mentioned that it is sometimes appropriate to use Spanish even when targeting to English-speaking audience when the  message is emotional and not too complicated, but allows the consumer to identify with the message because of

Ad for Taco Bell

the spanish language. There are some words in Spanish that will not have the same impact and emotion if said in English.

Korzenny said that generally speaking, the Spanish language is a necessity; besides caring culture in itself, it provides practicality for those being Spanish dominant, and today that group consists of about 30 percent.
Another big issue Korzenny discussed was when it is appropriate to mix Spanish and English.  He said it depends on how you mix it. It is not a major issue when you put some words correctly used in English. It is a big issue though, when Spanish is used, but not correctly; this is heavily criticized, specially by high-educated people.
Mixing correctly with good taste and good grammar can be OK and there is the advantage that some words are so emotional in Spanish that if said in English is not the same.
Click here to watch the video of Korzenny

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