“Why Latinos look so good”

A new study by Univision reveals that Latinos celebrate “vanidad” over “machismo.”

As I read through several blog spots on hispanicprblog.com I came across one that really interested me.

It then led me to a report on the findings of Univision’s study.

Panelists, from left to right, Daniel Villarroel, Giselle Blondet, Cristian de la Fuente, Samy, and moderator Ruth Gaviria

The findings of the study were revealed as part of a panel discussion in New York, with Univision’s Giselle Blondet (“Nuestra Belleza Latina”); renowned actor Cristián de la Fuente (“Private Practice”); Ruth Gaviria, Univision’s SVP of Corporate Marketing; David Salazar, Multicultural Manager for Target Guest Insights, Target; Samy, Celebrity Stylist; and Daniel Villarroel, AVP for Experiential & Diversity Marketing, Maybelline NY/Garnier

(L-R) Christian de la Fuente, Ruth Gaviria, Giselle Blondet, and Samy

The study found three key grooming essentials for Latinos – they celebrate “vanidad” over “machismo;” personal care rituals go beyond the basics; and they say “speak my language, speak my culture.”

According to the study, Hispanic men believe that grooming does not only give them self confidence and attractiveness but they also believe that looking good is a way to get ahead in life and at work.

“The findings of Univision’s study prove that as marketers we have to shed the misperception of Hispanic men as ‘machos’ and start to look at them as ‘vanidosos’ who take extra care of their appearance,” said Ruth Gaviria, SVP of Corporate Marketing, Univision Communications. “Latinos derive a significant amount of self-esteem from smelling, looking and feeling their best and now routinely engage in more refined personal care, such as nail care, lotions and neat trimming, with more frequency than non-Hispanics. This makes Latinos part of an extremely strong and vibrant growth opportunity for male personal care brands.”

I had never thought about Hispanic males this way, except for the public figures. But after reading the results of this study, I do agree with it and I believe that now more than even males are concerned with their physical appearance.

To read a whole summary on the findings of the study go to http://www.univision.net/corp/en/pr/New_York_15032011-0.html.

Here is an interesting video about an interview on “Despierta America” in which they talk about metrosexuality. Check it out to see what you think about it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoiOU5gCay0&feature=related







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