“The Soup” spoofs “Triunfo del Amor”

The popular show on E! Entertainment, “The Soup”, makes parody of telenovela, “Triunfo del Amor”

“The Soup” is a weekly series on E! Entertainment where host Joel McHale focuses on recaps of various pop culture and television show moments of the week. He comments and critics every ridiculous moments of these shows with sarcasm and humor.

Being a frequent viewer of “The Soup”, I find it extremely funny. It usually makes fun of the current popular t.v. shows and reality shows, so I was very surprised when I saw a clip of the Mexican telenovela, “Triunfo del Amor”.

I think this is a perfect example that demonstrates how much influence the Hispanic market has in the United States.

I had never seen E! entertainment focus on any kind of Latin programming, but I think it has gotten to a point where programs need to throw in a little bit of Latin flavor to their shows since they know that a a big number of their viewers are Hispanic.

Triunfo del Amor is a Mexican telenovela with protagonists William Levy andJohn McHale from "The Soup" mocks "Triunfo del Amor" Maite Perrioni. It is currently showing weekly on Univision.

On The Soup McHale made fun of the overdramatic and exagerated scenes on the telenovela. He also commented on Victoria Rufo’s huge trenzas.

It has been two episodes where the program shows clips and makes fun of “Triunfo del Amor”.

I wonder if E! Entertainment will continue with this trend and “The Soup” will show more clips and feature Mexican telenovelas on the show.

For now, I leave you with the clip of the videos.

I hope you enjoy it and makes you laugh as much as it made me.




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